Friday, October 29, 2010

what's a guy to do?

So I grew up with three sister. I mention this only to reference the fact, that I have a certain insight into the feminine mind. Or as much as any man will ever have anyway. I understand to a  point, the way nature designed them (by necessity) to work. I'm still at a loss though when it comes to my daughter. She turned 15 last week.
And she is the other great love of my life, second only to my wife. My job as her father is to protect and provide for her, to see she's happy. To make sure that life as she knows it  is full of the promise that she can do anything she wants. No limitations. I like to think I've done a good job. But when it comes to boys, I'm just not ready.
She has her first boyfriend, a fact that I was blissfully unaware of for a week until I found her sobbing on the couch. Now my best advice is to remember boys lie, constantly. I told her that boys are gonna lie, and say things that will hurt your feelings. And worst of all they won't know why they do it. Yet the same boys making life miserable now, will be the same boys you won't be able to live without in high school. people change. And some people are mean. Can't do anything about that. Just try to understand. Yeah junior high sucks, Next year high school will give you fits as well. And then... well, then you make things happen your self.
Then she asked if I would be mad, if I had to come in to talk to the principal about her kicking this kids ass.
I was never so proud in my life.

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